Singing bowls and gongs for hotels

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Warm welcome on our page! As a specialist for singing bowls and gongs with over 15 years of experience we are your competent partner for exclusive singing bowls and exotic gongs.


On the following pages we would like to inspire you to discover something special for you and your guests. Let us surprise you with the variety and the most diverse possibilities in your SPA and wellness area, as noble decoration elements or personalised giveaways for your guests.


You already have a special idea you need assistance with? We will be happy to implement it. Engravings or individual prints are our speciality.

As exclusive decoration

Are you a friend of the extraordinary?

Would you like to surprise your guests with an exclusive eye-catcher when entering your hotel?


An artistically engraved singing bowl is a real treasure and will certainly attract everyone's attention.

Or greet your guests in the outdoor area with an impressive gong. It's powerful sound invites to feel welcomed and to stay at your hotel or SPA.

In the spa & wellness area

Turn your SPA and wellness area into a sensual experience.

A sound massage in a gold-coloured, high-gloss foot singing bowl, with the engraving of your logo or slogan shimmering on the bottom of the bowl, will certainly be remembered for a long time.


Or spoil your guests with a classic sound massage with three or more singing bowls. Give your guests the gift of deep relaxation and holistic health. Leave an impression which lasts.


We also offer courses for your employees to learn how to use singing bowls. Upon request at your hotel.

Your individual branding

Personalise your singing bowl or gong. A valuable engraving underlines the exclusivity of your house.


There are no limits to your imagination! We make even the seemingly impossible possible. Whether your logo in the centre of a shiny gold gong or your slogan on the edge of an extraordinary singing bowl.


We implement your ideas creatively and also we will be happy to create new ideas with and for you.

A perfect gift

Giving makes life more beautiful. Meaningful gifts even more!

Give your guests and customers a very special treat or offer them as souvenirs in your own shop.


The sound of a singing bowl appeals to the senses in many different ways. Its sound invites to pause for a moment. To listen, relax, meditate.


Remind your guests of the value of health with the 'smallest singing bowl' in the world and leave a lasting impression with a personalised design.